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Wednesday, 6. November 2002
The new Pirelli Calendar

Yamila Diaz with Enriko

Pirelli has revealed yesterday in London its new calendar for 2003. No more "strong women", no more Annie Leibovitz arty pics, back to nudes, nudes, nudes. The alibi is the addition of male models (they are not nude, by the way)

Of course, they didn't use these words. This is from the official press release, I find it hilarious:

The calendar is an ode to freedom, a celebration of the joy of life, an acclamation of unspoilt nature. The true protagonist though is the female personality in its entirety, photographed against an enchanting, unspoilt natural Mediterranean background.

"What I have always loved about Italy is that she is like a mistress: you can’t live with her, but you can’t live without her”, says Bruce Weber. “When Pirelli first asked me to photograph the calendar this time, I decided that I didn’t want too many concepts, I wanted to experience Italy again like I did when I first came with the kids from school. I wanted to see Italy again as a child. I think there is something really beautiful when you see a sense of freedom in a person, a freedom of expression, and a freedom at being a wild child again. About the women: “I wanted to pick those kinds of girls that people have a fantasy about, a fantasy about knowing them. I keep seeing all these women looking at the Pirelli calendar and I think it would be really nice for women and men to be able to look at the calendar and see a guy once in a while. It is a modern theme today – men love women; women love men".

The final result is one the most beautiful calendars ever produced by Pirelli: an extraordinary combination of photographs to be read as a single, natural sequence. A truly unique creation: this is the Pirelli Calendar 2003.

This is really a non-unique creation, but there are pics, and that's what is important. The photographer this year is Bruce Weber. The models are, by order of appearance:

Enrico Lo Verso - Yamila Diaz-Rahi (nude)
Isabeli Fontana
Alessandra Ambrosio - Marcelo Boldrini
Karolina Kurkova
Heidi Klum - Jak Krauszer (quite nude)
Natalia Vodianova (transparent)
Heidi Klum - Enrico Lo Verso - Yamila Diaz-Rahi (nude)
Sophie Dahl (nude)
Alessandro Gassman - Jessica Miller
Lisa Seiffert (nude and sexy)
Filippa Hamilton - Ajay Lamas - Rania Raslan (ridiculous)
Heidi Klum (almost nude)
Tomasino Ganesh - Natalia Vodianova
Karolina Kurkova
Alessandra Ambrosio - Marcelo Boldrini - Isabeli Fontana
Sienna Rose Miller
Isabeli Fontana - Ajay Lamas
Filippa Hamilton
Natalia Vodianova - Tomasino Ganesh - Karolina Kurkova (nice)
Bridget Hall (wet shirt, like in the fifties)
Sienna Rose Miller - Stephan Ferrara - Filippa Hamilton
Yamila Diaz-Rahi
Sienna Rose Miller - Lisa Seiffert
Jessica Miller
Tomasino Ganesh - Natalia Vodianova
Isabeli Fontana (stupid)
Enrico Lo Verso - Yamila Diaz-Rahi (nude)
Maria Carla Boscono

The calendar includes both six-colour and black-and-white photos, with two pictures for each month. The first series of female portraits is accompanied by a second series (on the back) of pictures including also men.

Pirelli has signed an exclusive agreement with Microsoft for online distribution (even doesn't have the rights), so you'll find the pics here:
The 2003 Pirelli Calendar

And a few hi-res pics can be found here.

But that's not all! Since the MSN guys couldn't understand each other, the French gave different pics and different hi-res, so if you move to MSN France you'll find the second pic of each month (and the models speak French!). Just click on the inverted name of the month at left. As for the Italians, they've got great wallpapers at MSN Italia.

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