Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think!
Thursday, 2. January 2003
But leave me Rie *and* James !

PAGE SIX published to day its list of the Most Eligible Babes in New York for 2003. The NY Post will archive the item in a week, while we'll need it all year long, that's why I'm posting it here the most interesting options. Choose your pick:

* Serena Boardman , 31, and Samantha Boardman, 30. Serena is taller and blonder. Samantha is the doctor who dated Conde Nast editorial director James Truman and now Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. Pro: They seem to like older men. Con: Their new step-mother, Arriana, is a bit younger than they are.

* Cecily Brown, 32. Painter repped by Larry Gagosian managed to bring a taste of British sex, drugs and rock-and-roll back into the humdrum art world (if but for a Warhol minute). Pro: Her fingernails are always clean, unlike most artists. Con: Her last boyfriend fell out of a window during a wild art party.

* Joy Bryant. 26. This Bronx-born former Tommy Hilfiger model has a breakout performance in Denzel Washington's "Antwone Fisher." Pro: Attended Yale University. Con: Who knows if anyone will remember her by this time next year?

* Naomi Campbell, 32. Jet-setting supermodel has dated rock stars, movie stars, fashion designers - even a flamenco dancer - but no one can get her to the altar. Pro: A tremendous hostess who works the room to make everyone feel welcome. Con: Might still have to work on substance-abuse and anger-management issues.

* Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord, 23. By far the best-looking bauble her jewelry designer dad Barry Kieselstein-Cord ever produced, this sexy socialite has been turning heads since she was a tyke (when she was only 12, INXS rocker Michael Hutchence wanted to date her.) Pro: Her dad's company makes $50 million a year. Con: Her dad once menaced a New York Observer reporter who profiled her.

* Rosario Dawson. 23. Gorgeous East Village native has beguiled Josh Jackson of "Dawson's Creek" and J.Lo's ex Cris Judd. Pro: Her luminous looks brightened Spike Lee's lacklustre "25th Hour." Con: Some say ego is expanding quicker than her acting career, but they're probably just jealous.

* Kelli Delaney, 32. Fashion editor at the much-buzzed about Us Weekly is an eye-popping blonde who is on "best friends forever" terms with the city's fashion mafia. Pro: More fun than a barrelful of drunk monkeys. Con: Has the expensive tastes of a fashion editor. If you can afford the YSL Mombasa bag for Valentine's Day, gangs away!

* . Svelte, feline-eyed Christy Turlington look-alike editor who has held top posts at New York, Details and Talk magazines. Pro: Disturbingly gorgeous, disturbingly intelligent. Cons: Tough as nails on anyone who doesn't have the facts, ma'am.

* Maggie Gyllenhaal, 24. "It Girl" actress appeared in what seemed like 99 percent of all movies released in 2002. Pro: Seemed to actually enjoy being spanked by James Spader in "Secretary." Con: "It Boy" brother Jake Gyllenhaal is her constant companion.

* Amanda Hearst and her cousin Lydia Hearst-Shaw. Both 19. With their fashion model looks and blueblood lineage, these bright young things are threatening to usurp their pals Paris and Nicky Hilton as the scions du jour. Pro: Polite, well-mannered and unsullied by scandal. Con: Clock is ticking until they become as overexposed as the Hilton Sisters.

* Nicky Hilton. 19. One-half of honey-haired hotel heiress sister team, Nicky is a regular on the Manhattan party circuit, while her more sybaritic sibling Paris spends most of her time on the Left Coast. Pro: More intelligent and self-assured than you would expect. Con: Lookalike boyfriend Brian McFayden, a former MTV talking head.

* Carmen Kass. 24. Icy-eyed Estonian-born supermodel is said to be single again after a long relationship with Butter co-owner Richie Akiva. Pro: Once declared herself "the richest girl in Estonia." Con: Travels constantly for modeling shoots.

* Alicia Keys. 22. Raised in Hell's Kitchen, this Grammy-grabbing songbird wowed audiences and critics with her soulful debut album, "Songs in A Minor." Pro: Her smoldering looks match her musical talent. Con: Intense touring schedule.

* James King. 23. Model-turned-movie starlet (she played a nurse in "Pearl Harbor" and the lead in this year's "Bulletproof Monk"). Pro: Likes bad boys. Her fashion photog beau David Sorrenti died of a Heroin overdose. Also dated white-trash rapper Kid Rock. Con: Recovering heroin addict with lots of tattoos.

* Heidi Klum. 29. Days after announcing her split with her hairdresser hubby Ric Pipino, this Victoria's Secret stunner was photographed smooching Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Keidis. Pro: Nicknamed "The Body" for her jaw-dropping figure. Con: Unimpressed model mogul John Casablancas calls her "the bland German sausage."

* Lisa Ling, 29. The California native lived here for three years while co-hosting "The View," and she's a New Yorker now, even if she has gotten an apartment in D.C. Pro: Her grandfather was a mack daddy brothel-owner in Taiwan who had three concubines and 30 children. Con: She'll be traveling non-stop for her new gig at National Geographic.

* Lynda Lopez, 29. J. Lo's TV reporter sister has her sibling's beauty and outgoing personality, minus the constant scrutiny of prying paparazzi. Pro: Courageously railed against unsightly panty lines at press conference for Stayfree Thong Maxi in front of a Midtown drug store last July. Con: Dating K-Rock deejay/"Entertainment Tonight" reporter Chris Booker.

* Bridget Marks, 32. This single mother of twin 3-year-old girls is a romance novelist who recently signed with the Janklow-Nesbitt literary agency to sell her first book, "September." Pro: Looks haven't changed since she posed nude in Playboy. Con: Knows too many secrets.

* Rie Rasmussen, 23. Danish supermodel best known for playing Rebecca Romijn-Stamos' lesbian lover in Brian De Palma's "Femme Fatale." Pro: Rolling Stone gushed that her screen debut was "the greatest, most stirring gratuitous lesbo sex scene ever." Con: Potential boyfriends must compete with sexually ravenous Rie's real-life lady loves.

* Amy Sacco, 34. Ex-model-turned-nightclub queen is the unpretentious blonde owner of hot spots Lot 61 and Bungalow 8, towering over the competition with her clever humor and 6-foot-1 frame (add three inches with heels, which she always wears). Pro: Doesn't mind diminutive men . . . and has a vintage Mercedes ragtop. Con: She is very tall.

* Chloe Sevigny, 29. Indie film fave with dreamy saucer eyes made her mark as a troubled youth in "Kids" and as Hilary Swank's smokin' gal-pal in "Boys Don't Cry." The suburban Connecticut-raised scenester moved on to become a downtown fashion plate and party fixture. Pro: Likes making out with boys and girls. Con: Wears really stupid clothes made by flea market deconstructionist designers Imitation of Christ.

* Rena Sindhi, 32. She's beautiful and rich and newly divorced. Pro: She's the hostess with the mostest who has even written a book about her soirees. Con: She's the mother of two children.

* Leelee Sobieski, 20. A descendent of Polish kings, she grew up on the Upper East Side and the Camargue bayou in France, and she's sophistivated way beyond her years. Pro: Said she was the first virgin ever to play Joan of Arc (in the 1999 made-for-TV version). Con: At nearly 6-feet, she's too tall for many men.

* Plum Sykes, 32. Before Nicky and Paris, there were the fabulous Sykes sisters, Plum and Lucy. The beautiful British arrivistes Jimmy Choo-ed their way through Manhattan's clique-ish fashion doors. Lucy got married. Plum pens for Vogue. Pro: After splitting with droll art star Damien Loeb, she managed to nab a $600,000 book contract for her upcoming "Bergdorf Blondes" tome. Con: Still a sucker for droll artist types.

* Ivanka Trump, 21. Daughter of The Donald and Ivana has put modeling career on hold to study at Wharton. Pro: She's 5-foot-11. Con: Tough competition from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and one of the Rothschilds in London.

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