Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think!
Wednesday, 11. December 2002
Karen Mulder Special

Karen Mulder

From Page Six
Supermodel in suicide try

Troubled Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder is in a coma after she overdosed on sleeping pills Monday in an apparent attempt to take her own life. The blonde beauty, who drew snickers last year when she claimed to have been raped by everybody from Prince Albert of Monaco to members of her own entourage, was rushed to the American Hospital in Neuilly after her former fiance, Jean Yves Le Fur, found her passed out on the floor of her Paris apartment. Doctors are still trying to revive her. Mulder's parents flew from the Netherlands to be by her side. Elite models president Gerald Marie, an old friend of Mulder who paid her bills when she was committed to the Montsouris Clinic after her meltdown last year, was shocked. "It's very sad," he told PAGE SIX's Jared Paul Stern. "She had everything. I don't know how she lost it all. Her parents must be freaking out again. It's really a pity. I'm trying to find out what I can do." Mulder seemed on the road to recovery last summer when she embarked on a singing career, hitting the French charts with a Gloria Gaynor cover.

'Abused' beauty yearned to die

Anguished supermodel Karen Mulder was recovering last night after trying to kill herself with a massive drugs overdose.

The 34-year-old Dutch beauty, who for years has battled chronic depression, was an hour from death when found in a coma. She had made no attempt to save herself and had yearned only to end a life blighted by mental breakdown, drug-taking and alleged rape.

A friend said yesterday: "Karen had really decided to finish with life. She took a big overdose and left no note. She just decided to go. It was very close, but she's been saved."

Another added: "She's out of the coma and will live. However, she's very weak psychologically. She has it all - money, fame and beauty. But she's desperately lonely."

Karen's life was saved after former boyfriend Jean-Yves le Fur raced to her apartment on Paris's exclusive Avenue Montaigne when she failed to answer his calls.

He found the former model - who was staying with friends - unconscious on the floor. Recalling the horrifying scene, Jean-Yves said: "It was a moment I'll never forget. "I called an ambulance. But doctors couldn't revive her." Karen is now recovering in the private American Hospital in the Paris suburb of Neuilly.

A friend in her home town of Voorburg said: "We're praying she makes a full recovery. It seems she's going to need long-term treatment. Twenty years ago she was just a normal, sweet schoolgirl from a small Dutch town."

Karen entered the world of fashion at 17 after her parents urged her to enter the Elite model agency's talent-spotting contest, and she won Look of the Year award. Modelling for a string of leading fashion houses, "the blonde with class" went on to share catwalks with Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford.

But though she was earning £10,000 a day and banked £10million Karen - once tipped to marry Prince Albert of Monaco - was haunted by inner demons.

She retired in 2000, then made a series of explosive claims while suffering from obvious stress. Karen claimed before a live TV audience she was raped by fashion sex predators. The show was never screened. She later apologised for her unsubstantiated claims and spent three months under sedation in a clinic.

The model, whose first marriage broke down, has also alleged she and other girls were used as sex slaves by senior figures in the police and French government.

Her father Ben, 58, said: "She was ruined by cocaine and the knowledge that her life as a model was over. She's broken, emotionally and physically. When I visited her, I saw notebooks full of her mad ideas. She's accused everyone and everything. It's awful."

Brief Notes: 1. Her father was suspected to have abuse her in her childhood. Karen implied several times that her clinical depression is linked to years of rapes and abuse in her childhood. That's probablty the "mad ideas" bit. 2. Jean-Yves le Fur is never short of publicity. In the French press reports, neighbours found her. Le Fur arrived only later, and immediately alerted his beloved hack, Jared Paul Stern. 3. Her "wedding plans" with Prince Albert were a PR stunt for Monaco. The prince is hopelessely gay. 4. She has more than 10 million Euros in the bank, but still wants to die. 5. Her failure to break into music, compared with the giant success of her former pal Carla Bruni in this field, is thought to be the trigger to her suicide attempt. 6. It was very long and difficult to post this update, since has one of its bug days (I keep getting the usual "Error in application: Maximum Thread count reached" nonsense). Sorry about that, I hope I'll be able to have the usual updates tomorrow.

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