Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think!
Monday, 23. December 2002
Who's in, who's out

PHOTO France has its annual "models agencies issue". It is full of nude pictures, as every year, but most of them are taken from the models' books, so they were published earlier. Each agency is represented, with a short list of its star models and of its future stars. You can get the idea of the whole issue design from the pic above, Tetyana Brazhnyk @Marilyn, photographed by Satoshi Saikusa (bigger scan here).

The issue gets much attention in the trade because the lists of the "star models" were made by the agencies themselves. Inclusion on the short list does not generate automatically success; but non-inclusion almost certainly generates failure. If your own agency does not believe you're going to be a star, who will?

For those of you interested, here is the list:

1. ELITE - our future stars are: Dewi Dringen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Tatiana Urina, Susan Eldrige, Oluchi Onweagba, Natalia Semanova, Sveva, Iris S., Linda Vojtova, Mia Gretve.

2. FORD - our future stars are Vanessa de Assis, Louise, Lisa Davies, Ingrid, Yana (note: Ford included Caitriona and Naomie Lenoir in its list of current stars, along Delfine, Erin and Vivien Solari).

3. NEXT - our future stars are Adina Folhin, Ingrid Parewijck, Camila S., Sarah Ziff and Elise Crombez. (Note - Next included Veronika Vaekova in its impressive list of current stars).

4. MADISON - our future stars are Elena Rosenkova, Masha Novosselova, Jessica Van Der Steen, Alexis. (note - Stam is bizarrely included in the "current" list, among Julie Ordon and Letitia Birkheuer).

5. IMG - our future stars are Diana Dondoe, Ioulia Kovalenko, Madeleine Bloomberg, Zrinka.

6. KARIN - our future stars are Marie Meyer, Anna Maria Cseh, Candice Viale, Florencia Fabiano and Victoria. (Note - in my humble opinion, Anna Maia Cseh should have appeared on the current stars list, she is certainly more working these days than Estella Warren).

7. METROPOLITAN - our future stars are Karin, Asia, Renda, Ania, Eva B., Milla, Marta. (Note - don't you hate agencies whose models have only first names, like dogs?) (Second note - the "current" list dressed by Metropolitan is full of "future" stars - Laura Paketova, Zanna Taskova, Jaimee Gong. Could it be Metropolitan simply has no current stars at all?)

8. NATHALIE - our future stars are Brigitte, Greta, Esmeralda. (note - Nadine, Joanna Preiss and Omahira are in the "current" list).

9. SUCCESS - our future stars are Leah Rosier, Elisa Sednaoui, Judith Bedart, Roxanna. (note - Viera Schottertova is the only model the agency names in its "current" list).

10. CLICK - our future stars are Alise Shoemaker, Marianna Romanelli, Veronica, Nicole La Liberte.

11. L'AGENCE DE MANNEQUINS - our future stars are Emilie Simonet, Agnieszka Harla, Anastassia Minilina, Asia Krol. (note - L'Agence specializes in actors and celebrities who model a bit, like Jean Hugues Anglade and Isabelle Pasco).

12. FAM - our future stars are Mette Risdal, Ekaterina Kanhintseva. (note - Irina Polozova and many more are included in the presumptively "current" stars).

13. VIVA - our future stars are Raquel Zimmerman, Lidsay Fridmott, Louise Pedersen, Anna Davolio, Lieke Smet.

14. GLADY'S - our future stars are Kate, Nathaly, Livia, Ivana, Charlotte, Sonia (note - Yeah, sure).

15. ROXANE - our future stars are Natasha Poly, Genia Vyala, Camille Gilbert.

16. MARILYN - our future stars are Eva Riccobono, Tetyana Brazhnyk, Matela Penava, Reka.

(I'll try to scan all those pics during the Christmas vacation...)

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