Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think!
Thursday, 23. January 2003
Haute Couture news

It's easy to forget these days models are supposed to be dressed, but the Haute Couture shows in Paris are really about clothes. Expensive clothes: some of the dresses you're about to see cost more than $100,000 (yes, one). The models love the HC shows, there's much less pressure and even more bucks than the Pret a Porter shows (rumours say Elize Crombez, a complete unknown till a few months ago, made in four days about 250,000$).

It is said Dior had some of the models signed on exclusive contracts for the day (there are 5-6 shows a day), to be sure they will be relaxed and concentrated on the Dior show and not on a marathon of taxis and logistics. Of course, the models were paid as if they actually made 5-6 shows for Dior.

The following are a mix of hi-res and low-res from different shows. I hope I haven't mixed the credits. Most of the pics are safe for work, but there is of course an occasional glimpse that could be unsafe in some countries. Here you go:

---> Audrey Marnay at Chanel

---> Anastasia at Philip Treacy

---> Eugenia Volodina at Philip Treacy

---> Caitriona at Anne Valerie Hash

---> Diana Gartner at Balmain

---> Eva Herzigova at Philip Treacy

---> Eva Riccobono at Philip Treacy

---> Elize Crombez at Emmanuel Ungaro

---> Inna Zobova at Stephane Rolland

---> Jacqueta Wheeler at Ungaro

---> Jade Parfitt at Philip Treacy

---> Jessica Miller at Philip Treacy

---> Karen Elson at Jean Paul Gaultier

---> Karolina Kurkova at Givenchy

---> Karolina Kurkova at Valentino

---> Maja Latinovic at Anne Valerie Hash

---> Maria Carla Boscone at Givenchy

---> Michelle Alves at Anne Valerie Hash

---> Naomi Campbell at Gaultier

---> idem, 2

---> Naomi at Philip Treacy

---> Naomi at Philip Treacy, closing

---> Els Pinoo (from 'Vive la fete") at Libertyn Louison

---> Rie Rassmussen at Ungaro

---> Tetyana Brazhnyk at Anne Valerie Hash

---> Tetyana Brazhnyk at Philip Treacy

---> Ujjwala at Ungaro

---> And here comes the bride!

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