Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think!
Friday, 31. January 2003
Natalia would like you to meet her husband

And this is the first glimpse of Natalia Vodianova, complete with weirdo husband, in the feature about her in February's Vogue US. Not your usual underground fellow passengers even in NYC, I presume. The bigger scan is (hopefully) here.

It's not that I don't like her husband. In fact, there's something refreshing about a supermodel in love with an artist, instead of the usual rock star. It's just that she looks so young there's something strange, almost comical, in their exposure as a married couple.

The feature is 17-pages long (!). I'm talking of the feature that's exclusively about their relationship, because Natalia solo has much more appearances elsewhere in the issue. She is, after all, the main star of the main project, entitled "Couples". Let me quote the editrix' wonderful prose:

We all know Natalia Vodianova has the most romantic face in fashion -- but how sweeter to learn her real romance with British artist Justin Portman is nothing short of a Cinderella story.

No shit.

And the absurd continues in the article (written by Sarah Mower, but evidently heavily edited by Anne Wintour herself), beginning with the following remark: "See her, and the similarities start scrolling: Kate Moss in the nineties, Brooke Shields in the eighties, Jean Shrimpton in the sixties".

Now, this humble weblog might know less about fashion than the Vogue's editor (although sometimes I'm not so sure), but feminine beauty is not her strongest field (just look at the cover, featuring Debra Messing). There are absolutely no similarities between Kate and Natalia. Kate was the epistome of youth, teenage angst, a natural rebel, going topless because she feels so. She was certainly much more Jessica Miller than Natalia, whose clear and disturbing appeal is her childlike features (just have a look at her ed in Vogue UK this month, here).

As for Brooke Shields, in the eighties she was a young, independent woman. Natalia looks a bit like Brooke in "Pretty Baby" of Louis Malle, filmed in 1976. But that's the seventies. So why the eighties reference?

Elementary, my dear Anne. In the eighties Brooke was a Calvin Klein model, as was Kate Moss in the nineties. That's the similarity. e're not talking beauty here, we're not talking couples, we're talking sucking up to a major advertiser. This giant Natalia project is nothing more than a build-up to the upcoming Calvin Klein campaign.

Still, the issue is full of models, Natalia looks wonderful and most of the pictures are pretty interesting. So why whining? I'll have more for you soon. Have a great weekend!

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