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Wednesday, 16. October 2002
Too much info on Rebecca Romijn-Stamos?

The marketings forces behind "Femme Fatale", Brian de Palma soon-to-be-a-flop movie, are at it again. In the last 24 hours no less than 3 excerpts from a Rebecca Romijn-Stamos interview in "Jane" were published in the American press. Here you go:

1. From The Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) - Rebecca Romijn-Stamos remembers the first time she saw the man who would become her husband. She was 13, and he was one of the stars of a new sitcom called "Full House."
"I totally remember seeing John Stamos walk in with his guitar in hand and that dorky haircut, the double-decker mullet," the 29-year-old model-actress tells Jane magazine for its November issue.
"Today I keep thinking, God, what if somebody had been sitting next to me and said, 'You're going to marry that man someday.'"
Years later, she turned on the television one night, and there was "Full House" again.
"I saw it for the first time after seven years," Romijn-Stamos said. "I was like, 'Oh, my God, look at John Stamos. He's fine! Wow! He turned into a really good-looking guy.'" They met a few months later backstage at a fashion show, and have been married since September 1998.
Romijn-Stamos stars in the Brian DePalma thriller "Femme Fatale," opening Nov. 6.

2. From the NY Post:
"X-MEN" star Rebecca Romijn-Stamos likes to have sex at Disneyland, and gets in the mood by watching celebrity porn. "We first had sex at Disneyland, and now we go every year for a week," the model/actress tells Jane magazine about her husband, John Stamos. "It's bizarre." Before their marathon sex sessions, they watch movies featuring mainstream stars in early porn roles. Sylvester Stallone's "first movie was a porno," she purrs - the early-'70s vintage "Party at Kitty and Stud's," for which Sly was paid $200

3. From IMBD:
Stunning model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is revealing all in the pages of the new Jane magazine - both physically and verbally. The X-Men star dons a sheer Chanel chiffon dress for the underwater shoot, which leaves nothing to the imagination, and then gets saucy in the pages of the style mag.
In the Jane interview, Romijn-Stamos, 29, reveals her love for porn and the fact that she and actor husband John Stamos first made love at Disneyland - and revisit the resort on their anniversary every year for marathon sex sessions. She says, "We had just instant attraction, literally love at first sight. We first had sex at Disneyland and now we go every year for a week. It's bizarre."
The actress gets in the mood for sex by watching celebrity porn - she has a DVD collection of underground films featuring today's movie superstars in early pornography roles. Her favorite features Sylvester Stallone, "His first movie was a porno."
(Special thx to Shakespears)

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---> ScanMasters, an Italian imaging artist, has scanned the La Perla campaign with Rebecca. If it's still up, you'll find his scans here: (play with the numbers from 00 to 06).

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