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Monday, 3. February 2003
Site News

If you're new to SALTYT, please read on:

Most of the scans I've posted in the last two years are gone forever. They were erased when my storage site,, was sold last week to a new host (Lonex) who simply deleted all the free users' directories.

Please do not write me to ask for "a scan or two", I cannot even read so much mail, let alone comply with all those requests (126 only today).

I realize you just discovered this humble weblog and that you'd really like to see the scans mentionned in the archives, but as most weblogs and indeed as most web sites, SALTYT pages do not live for ever. Some links die after 24-48 hours, some after a few months. I cannot pay for the storage of so many hi-res pictures, no free site can do that. It's a miracle SALTYT is still free and alive as a daily weblog, and to expect for more - a kind of giant memory of fashion news and pics - is not realistic in today's web environment.

I will soon have a kind of call for contributions via Pay-pal and then, if everything goes well, move to a new host with my own domain, Hopefully, scans I'll upload from then on will stay on my site, but even then it's always better to d/l pics and copy texts you really like, just to be on the safe side.

I'm sorry if this is not what you hoped for. I'm not happy either that hundreds of my scans disappeared without an explanation, but I have to move on, and so should you.

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Strange story of the day

From the San Francisco Chronicle

Carole Warner said Friday that she won $85 million in the California Lottery but isn't sure if she will claim the money.
That's if she can find the ticket.

The Benicia resident said she doesn't want the cash -- and a trailing pack of instant friends, long-lost relatives and hangers-on to disturb her family's "simple" life.

Warner said she had last seen the ticket shortly after the Wednesday night drawing of the SuperLotto Plus numbers.

Lottery officials say that no one has stepped forward claiming to have the winning ticket, which was purchased at a Quik Stop Market in Vallejo. The losers list now may include Warner.

"I can't find my ticket," the 44-year-old Costco employee said Friday night outside the apartment she shares with her husband, Steve, and their 10-year- old son. "We've been looking all over for it."

Not surprisingly, Steve Warner isn't happy.

"He's extremely ticked off right now at the fact that I misplaced the ticket," Carole Warner said.

Even if she finds the lucky ducat, Warner said, she doesn't know if she'll keep it. Money changes things. And she doesn't want to be changed.

"I'm very simple," Warner said. "I like quiet and calmness and doing the things we do as a family."

While everybody talks about what they would do if they won the lottery, Warner said, "It's a lot different story when it actually goes down. It's overwhelming."

Already people have been acting weirdly around her, and she hasn't won anything yet. She told just one of her fellow employees at the Vallejo Costco outlet, "and it spread through every Costco in the county." Soon, people were coming up to her just to touch her -- which she found weird.

If she eventually finds the ticket, Warner said, she might give it to charity.

"I have six months to think about it, and I'm going to," Warner said. "I'm overwhelmed right now. I guess I'm not used to the 15 minutes of fame."

Refusing a jackpot would be a first in California.

Fifteen jackpots have gone unclaimed in the 17-year history of the California Lottery, "but we always assume it's because somebody lost their ticket," said Cathy Doyle Johnston, a lottery spokesperson. "But even if she didn't want it, she could give it to charity."

According to lottery rules, California's public schools may be the big winners if the prize isn't claimed. Johnston said the state's general education fund could get $31 million after taxes if Warner -- or whoever -- bypasses the jackpot.

The Quik Stop where the winner was purchased will get its $425,000 share regardless.

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