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Friday, 7. February 2003
The Belgians won't surrender without a fight

Sensing that their days are numbered, the Belgians are trying to charm. And frankly, even if you don't like An Oost, it's difficult not to be taken by her little playful games with Luis Sanchis' camera in the #20 issue of Mixt(e), a French bi-monthly.

Speaking of Belgians, have you noticed Elise Crombez can look pretty dramatic when you don't see her eyes?

Speaking of French mags, Valentina was really fast this time and she already uploaded to the great ed of Jessica Miller from this month's French Vogue, photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. here you go

Oh, the bigger version of the An Oost pic above is here. I've scanned much more pics from the ed, but it's truly a nightmare to upload to the servers now. I'll probably move (again...) to a new address by next week. In case suddenly disappears, check the new address I'll post on Have a wonderful weekend!

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Glenda, Bonnie and the gays that love them

Chic Happens is updated, and although all of their news items were previously posted on this humble weblog, I truly can't beat the writing, nor the small bits (I especially liked the item on Peta and Yasir Arafat). This is their two cents on the HB carnaval:

Here's a Fashion Week puzzle to sink your Mombasa handles into: Bonnie Fuller's contract at Us! Weekly is up for renegotiation just as Glenda Bailey is teetering on her stilettos at Harper's Bazaar. Conventional wisdom has Bonnie buzzing and Glenda gurgling. Remember last year's HB re-launch issue, with Gisele's back on the back cover, and the deathless cover-line, "Fashion's Back!" Unfortunately, "fashion's back" is just what the industry showed the mag, with a 12.5 percent drop in advertising. Glenda's decision to revive the occasionally baroque HB cover style did kick newsstand sales up 13 percent in the last half of 2002, which is not hard to believe when you compare them with Vogue's recent outings (Debra Messing on a swing? And they say British Vogue looks like a TV guide.) Bonnie's stellar result at Us! means she has momentum. But she's fighting a two-front war. She can't be trying to make up with Vogue over that unfortunate Zeta-Jones cover incident (see "It's All About Anna!" in last Fashion Week's Us! special) at the same time as angling to be her chief rival. Yet she and Glenda still have that whole "any Marie Claire you can do, I can do better" thing between them.

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